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Margot Built a Wine Cellar
Margot White on The Price is Right
  • I love power tools

  • And know how to use them

  • Hate condiments

  • Used to have a clowning business

  • Have killed a chicken

  • Milked a cow

  • Swam with dolphins

  • Was a contestant on The Price is Right

  • Caught a ball at Fenway Park

  • Hand designed & built a custom wine cellar

  • Came in 2nd place in a jello wrestling match

  • Do a mean Axl Rose impersonation

  • Ran and FINISHED a marathon in March 2016

  • Never met a roller coaster I didn’t like 

Margot Axl Rose Impersonation
Margot White as Garbonzo the Clown
Margot White Swimming with Dolphins
Margot White Jello Wrestling
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