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Margot was born outside Chicago, and grew up in the small central Illinois town of Monticello, where her childhood ambition was to be a Charlie’s Angel. Then in the year of the Super Bowl Shuffle when Walter Payton’s Bears smacked the Patriots around in the Super Bowl (Go Bears!), she moved to Concord, NH with her Mom, Brother, Dog and Cat, to which she is now sadly allergic.  

She finished up her schooling in Rhode Island, where she enjoyed earning her BFA as well as plenty of beach time.  After studying Shakespeare abroad at the London Academy of Performing Arts, she pursued her passion at The Shakespeare Lab at The Public Theatre, thanks to a perfectly wonderful Christmas gift from her Mom with an application in her stocking saying, “If accepted, Merry Christmas”.  

She got accepted and has now been living in New York City over 20 years. 

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